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My New Favorite Thing.

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Dessert, Paleo, recipes | 13 comments

Disclaimer: The following is not a recipe. It’s an idea, open to your creativity, and is a great way to make something amazing out of 2 simple things that you just might have lying around. I heard about this somewhere… Basically, in a food processor (or perhaps Vita-Mix level blender) goes frozen fruit & the cream from the top of the coconut milk. I’m talking about full fat coconut milk here. Please do not buy the low fat kind. Low fat coconut anything to me is the epitome of fail. I cannot wait for the day that it’s the norm to fear sugar, not fat. And by fear, I mean recognize the harm in it, not act like it’s a zombie. (Although…) I saw this the other day, and it made me cringe: Back to the ice cream that you will make in a fraction of the time it takes you to read this post. Here are some tips in case the above is too open ended: Do not shake the can before you open it. It also helps to put the can in the fridge, it will separate. Open the can and remove the entire lid. Remove the thick coconut cream and put it in the bowl of your food processor. I can’t give you an amount, here, because I don’t think it’s always the same. Whatever’s in there. You will be left with the milk / water, which you can add to the sauce when making  Green Coconut Salmon, if you’d like to make it a thinner sauce and a bit less rich. Or add it to a smoothie. Add some frozen fruit. Maybe about the same amount as the coconut cream. I happened to have some extra containers of sliced fruit that was extra from salads and dessert at this Saturdays popup. Nectarines, strawberries, and blackberries… It wasn’t pretty enough to be fruit salad, but was still delicious. So I put it in the freezer, and tried to distract myself until it was frozen. (Spoiler alert: It’s my Friday after a very long week: I had a margarita. ) Get your kids involved with this one! I mean c’mon; an ice cream like confection that has no added sugar? Pretty incredible stuff. I am going to test it on my boyfriend’s kids the next time I see them, unless Pennyroyal Design does it first. You can use anything you have in your freezer! (I’m thinking fruit, here, for those of you who have a thought bubble over their head with some kind of frozen pork product floating inside of it.) You can, of course, buy the fruit already frozen in bags (organic if possible). Or, you can take advantage of deals at your farmers market and freeze what you’re not going to eat within a few days. We do that a lot around here, given how expensive organic fruit can be. This is one good example of how it can actually pay to be lazy. Farmers market deals don’t happen at 8am. I’m only guessing. So there you have it. The result: The texture of homemade ice cream that is fresh out of the ice cream maker. Like melty soft serve. What flavor is YOUR instant coconut ice cream?! All of the links on are for information purposes, however some are affiliate links to books, products or services. Any sponsored posts are clearly labelled as being sponsored content. Some ads on this site are served by ad networks and the advertised products are not necessarily recommended by Zenbelly...

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