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Spicy Lamb Curry

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in 21DSD, Dinner, Lamb, Paleo | 0 comments

Spicy Lamb Curry

I got some lamb stew meat from Fallon Hills at the Farmers Market on Sunday and have been ignoring it ever since. I kept picturing it becoming something similar to beef stew, only with lamb, and it just wasn’t exciting to me. And then it hit me: Lamb Curry! Why did it take me all week to think of that? Clearly the holidays have my brain somewhere else than in the kitchen. I’m not sure where, exactly, because I sure as hell haven’t been shopping. I like to pretend the holidays aren’t happening and then freak out at the last minute. It’s how I do. But tonight, we...

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Coconut “Rice”

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While I can’t remember the last time I made a pot of real rice at home, I eat it occasionally when I’m out. In sushi rolls, for example; I know I can get them without it, or just order sashimi, but I actually feel better when I eat some rice with my sushi than when I don’t. When I eat just raw fish, I seriously feel like I swallowed a live goldfish. True story. Another example is when I go to Burma Superstar, which is one of my favorite places to eat in San Francisco. Everything I’ve gotten there is delicious, and their tea leaf salad is as good a reason as any to...

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 21: DAY TWENTY-ONE!!!

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Today is the last day of our 21 day sugar detox, and we wrapped it up a bit early for the sake of celebrating Hanukkah and Simon’s dad’s birthday. It just felt right. I couldn’t wait any longer for latkes. And wine. And brownies. I didn’t go overboard, don’t worry. Here’s what we had tonight: chicken liver pâté with rosemary crackers cucumber cups with smoked salmon, capers, and creme fraîche* bread & butter zucchini pickles (from the farmers market) classic latkes with apple sauce and sour cream sweet potato & chive latkes lemon & herb...

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 20: A special guest post from Simon

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in 21 DSD Daily Eats | 2 comments

Dear Sugar, It’s hard for me to say this, but we are done! At least for another day. It’s not me it’s you. I know we’ve been together for a long time and have had a lot of great fun together. Like that time I went to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and you were waiting for me in the form of a Churo. Your crisp sweetness tempted me like Cindy Crawford to a 13 year old boy. Am I dating myself? Whatever she’s still hot! To be honest I’ve met someone else…Splenda. Just kidding, just making sure you all are paying attention. I ‘d sooner wax Robin...

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It’s a very sad day for this country, and especially for the families in Newtown CT. I grew up not far from there, in Ridgefield CT, and am finding it all quite hard to believe. Of course mental illness knows no geographical bounds, but Newtown is a place I have always put in categories such as safe, sheltered, quiet. I’m going to be skipping the usual sugar detox daily recap for today, as it just seems a bit irrelevant in light of what’s happened. Sending love to everyone affected by this awful tragedy.     All of the links on are for...

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