The Gluten & Allergy-Free expo in San Francisco is just 2 weeks away!

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I’ll be there! Will you? If you’re planning on going, get your tickets now, because they’re selling like gluten-free hot cakes! For tickets, click the link to your right! ——> I’m very excited to be an official blogger for the event, and will be there on Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th. I’m particularly happy that it’s not simply a gluten-free event, but an allergy-free event as well. The expo will be a great resource for anyone suffering from food allergies, autoimmune disease, arthritis, or any inflammatory condition. Of...

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Book Review: Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Book Reviews, Nutrition | 7 comments

I’m not always the best at explaining stuff. I have a very solid understanding of what makes sense to me, nutritionally speaking- a combination of what I learned at Bauman College, further studies I’ve taken upon myself, and what’s in my gut (no pun intended). So when I try and explain the Paleo way of life to people who assume the worst, I have the tendency to get emotional, and fail at getting the point across. People launch their “reasons” for not being able to go paleo, most of which sound nothing short of ridiculous to me, and I go on the defensive, to...

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Nutrition Resources

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The following is a list of links to some recommended reading / viewing.  In no specific order. 10 Reasons to Go Grain Free by Nourished Kitchen This Guide to Fats & Oils from the Real Food Digest is a great easy reference guide to which you should be eating, cooking with, and avoiding altogether. “I Have High Cholesterol & I Don’t Care” is a great set of videos from Chris Kresser. There is an amazing amount of information on his site; definitely spend some time there. People often ask what foods they should always buy organic.  If there is an availability or budget...

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10 Good Reasons To Kill Your Microwave

Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Nutrition | 1 comment

I have been blown away recently about the general acceptance of the use of microwaves among the Paleo community.  It seems 100% counter intuitive that a group of people who put so much emphasis on the value of real food would take that real food and radiate it until it technically is no longer food.  Sound extreme and dramatic?  It’s not.  The microwave is THE worst thing to happen to the kitchen since the TV dinner.  I haven’t owned one since college and haven’t missed it for one second.  Throwing leftovers in a pan often takes no more time than nuking them.  Toaster ovens...

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