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The Zenbelly Cookbook Review Roundup #1

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Dinner | 2 comments

The Zenbelly Cookbook Review Roundup #1

It’s been just over two weeks that my little book baby has been out in the big scary world, and I’m thrilled with the reception it’s gotten! I’ve rounded up the reviews that have come in so far, so you can take a look at what people are saying. There might even be a giveaway or two among them 😉 The Book Binder’s Daughter found out about The Zenbelly Cookbook from the US Wellness Meats newsletter, and has made three dishes from the book so far, and they were a hit with her and her husband. See what she made here. Paleo Living Magazine especially loves the “How To Cook Like A Pro” section, where I offer step-by-step photo tutorials to help you master basic kitchen skills. I love that they signaled out what might be my favorite sentence in the entire book: “When you think like a chef, eating paleo is actually not that much of a stretch” It’s true! They have a few recipes they’re excited to try, and they picked some good ones! The lovely Nazanin over at Cinnamon Eats shares a bunch of photos from the book, and breaks it all down for you, too. Canada Girl Eats Paleo actually made me blush with this review. Just go read it. She tackled the one recipe that’s cooked en papillote, and nailed, it. of course. (You can too, because I give you a step-by-step photo tutorial!) Christina over at The Paleo Mom made the Chili, Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, and Brazilian Fish Stew. Read her full review here. Kara from Primal Palate made the Cocoa Chile Pork Shoulder and it was deemed fabulous by her mom. And apparently, (They) “do not overuse the word fabulous in Iowa” 😉  My sista’ from another mista’ Jennifer at Predominantly Paleo is sharing the recipe for my Silver Dollar Pancakes with Blueberry Compote on her blog, so go get the recipe so you can make them this weekend! And check out her recipes, too. She’s got all sorts of amazing stuff over there. A Girl Worth Saving made my rustic apple tartlets as one big tart (I love when people take a recipe and adapt it to work for them!) and is sharing the recipe for them / it. AND she’s hosting a giveaway that ends VERY SOON, so get your tuchus over there. Diane Sanfilippo made my Crispy Braised Duck Legs with Roasted Plums, but didn’t have ducks legs. Or plums. How DID she do it? Is she a superhero? Well, yes. But she didn’t use any superhero powers to adapt the recipe. Read about it here. She’s hosting a giveaway, too, so make sure to enter to win! Joanna from Better As Leftovers has made a bunch of stuff from the book; chicken liver pate (yay!), twice cooked pork belly, and ginger scallion meatballs. I have a feeling she’ll be making the chocolate hazelnut waffles next. My friend Caitlin, aka Grass Fed Girl wrote up a review of The Zenbelly Cookbook and Paleo By Season by Peter Servgold, and is giving a copy of both away! I was thrilled to hear that The Zenbelly Cookbook is This Sydney Life’s new favourite! She’s sharing the recipe for roasted Jerusalem Artichokes with Rosemary Salt, so go check it out- you won’t find this recipe anywhere but her site and the book! Paleo Kitchen Lab made biscuits from The Zenbelly Cookbook, and they came out gorgeous. She shares the recipe, as well as what makes my cookbook so zen. Stephani Ruper, the incredible force behind Paleo For Women reviews her summer faves here....

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 20: A special guest post from Simon

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in 21 DSD Daily Eats | 2 comments

Dear Sugar, It’s hard for me to say this, but we are done! At least for another day. It’s not me it’s you. I know we’ve been together for a long time and have had a lot of great fun together. Like that time I went to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and you were waiting for me in the form of a Churo. Your crisp sweetness tempted me like Cindy Crawford to a 13 year old boy. Am I dating myself? Whatever she’s still hot! To be honest I’ve met someone else…Splenda. Just kidding, just making sure you all are paying attention. I ‘d sooner wax Robin Williams  then touch that garbage and if you haven’t seen his back use the great power of Google. I’ve finally learned that I can survive without you and it’s bitter-sweet. (poor choice of words?) I can honestly say that we will meet again, but now it’s on my terms. I think you should move out. I will still see you from time to time, but you can’t stay here anymore. It’s time to slow things down. You see the problem is you have been making me un-healthy and now I know it. Goodbye my love. Simon On a more serious note, I could not have done this detox without Simone. She has made this so easy for me. She made almost every meal and had delicious snacks always around. Thanks babe.     All of the links on are for information purposes, however some are affiliate links to books, products or services. Any sponsored posts are clearly labelled as being sponsored content. Some ads on this site are served by ad networks and the advertised products are not necessarily recommended by Zenbelly...

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Days 16 & 17: I’m back. I wasn’t hiding in the guest room eating Snickers bars.

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in 21 DSD Daily Eats | 0 comments

Day 16 HEADACHE. More stuff happened, good stuff. But the headache was the reason for no blogging. Here’s what happened: Alarm went off way before I was ready to get up (boo). Not enough sleep (blerg). Coffee (yay!). Drive (meh). Meeting (good!). Tea (Yum!). Grocery shopping (Meh). Home (yay!). Breakfast (woo-hoo!). But look how freaking cute she is. The headache started off as a not-enough-sleep headache, more of a brain fog than a true headache. It reminded me a lot of how I used to feel almost all the time; lethargic, brain fog, achy neck, general blah. I don’t feel this way very often at all anymore. It sometimes happens when I get glutened. It also sometimes happens if I get woken up out of a deep sleep. It always makes me very grateful that I don’t feel like crap on a regular basis anymore. But mostly I just want it to go away. This only happens if I’m able to lie down, which wasn’t the case yesterday. But along the way, I got to take in some nice views. Not bad, eh? Did it work? Did the pretty pictures distract you from the lack of food in my day? Needless to say, I was starving when I got home. I ate the leftover pork stir-fry, cold. I’ve always loved Chinese food cold. I’m a weirdo. For second dinner, Simon made omelets and bacon. I crashed at 9:00, and slept until 7:30. That helped. DAY 17 What??? Day 17? Sure is. Time for one last batch of coconut muffins. But this time: with sesame seeds. I wish I discovered this earlier in the detox, because I lurve them like this. Toasted sesame seeds + Hawaiian black sea salt = Yes. And then I went to the mall! Why? Because I have a tween to shop for, and it’s the sensible thing to do. I did a lot of picking things up, walking around with them, and putting them back down. “Wait a minute! This isn’t (?) cool. Or is it?…” I feel like my lunch has been pretty much the same for days, and to be honest, it’s motivated slightly by the need to use up some mayonnaise before it goes bad. I’m still seeing really good organic heirloom tomatoes, from California even. I anticipate losing interest in tomatoes altogether somewhat soon. What kind of meat we buy on Sunday has everything to do with how busy my week is going to be. This week is on the busy side, so we got ground beef and pork, and that’s what’s left for tonight… I’m sick of Bolognese and of burgers. We’ve had both a gazillion times. What else? Meatloaf is better with some kind of sweet-ish glaze. Meatballs are good, but still along the lines of Bolognese. Then Simon walked in and said “Brrrr! It’s chilly.”  Chili! No recipe for this yet, but here are the ingredients, if you want to guess the amounts! It’s chili, there’s wiggle room. ground beef ground pork onions bell peppers (roasted and fresh) jarred tomatoes tomato paste coffee cocoa powder paprika smoked paprika cumin coriander sea salt ground chipotle cinnamon bacon fat GO! All of the links on are for information purposes, however some are affiliate links to books, products or services. Any sponsored posts are clearly labelled as being sponsored content. Some ads on this site are served by ad networks and the advertised products are not necessarily recommended by Zenbelly...

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 11: aaaaaaaand there’s the wall.

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in 21 DSD Daily Eats | 4 comments

In hindsight, I should have probably eaten a bit more than this today: Before 4:30 pm, when I finally got home after running around doing errands and meeting with people. Before you yell at me… Okay fine. I’m completely deserving of a good talkin’ to. I ate this silly breakfast (the first fruit I’ve had during the sugar detox, by the way) thinking that I would be getting lunch while out doing errands. It didn’t happen. I did, however, have a lovely cup of tea with my friend who lives in Marin with a pretty nice view of Mt Tam: And then, back in San Francisco, I had some more tea with Mary of Clean Eats, who is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to open a paleo kitchen and community HQ. I am downright giddy about this project, for many reasons. The selfish reason is that it will most likely be a wonderful place to have more paleo popups, in a kitchen where there is no concern of cross contamination. How great is that?! Basically, what all this means is that sometime in 2013, there will not only be a shared gluten-free commercial kitchen for GF chefs and bakers to create their goods, but also a paleo HQ, for the community to play and learn. San Francisco is officially the best place on the planet. But I’m biased. On the way home, I stopped at my neighborhood co-op to get some jasmine flowers to infuse in vodka. It’s for a special holiday drink, which I’ll tell you more about when this sugar detox is over. Last stop, Noriega Produce, to get some spicy sausage to make the fastest dinner I can think of: zoodles and Quick Bolognese. After wolfing down a giant bowl of that, I hit the proverbial wall. Put a fork in me… 11 days down, 10 to go!     All of the links on are for information purposes, however some are affiliate links to books, products or services. Any sponsored posts are clearly labelled as being sponsored content. Some ads on this site are served by ad networks and the advertised products are not necessarily recommended by Zenbelly...

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21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 6: It’s my job to cheat.

Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in 21 DSD Daily Eats | 4 comments

Here’s the thing: I will never really be able to do a detox like this without cheating a little. Not because I want to, but because my job is to cook food, and not for people on a sugar detox. I don’t cook from recipes; I taste and adjust. This is one of the two reasons that my catering company is 100% gluten-free. The other is that there is a definite need for it. The goal for 2013 is to be so busy with paleo catering that I don’t have time for any other kind. But until that happens, I’m going to be making hummus from time to time. It could be worse, really- I’m pretty sure that this nation isn’t so unhealthy because of a few chickpeas. So here are all of the things from the “NO” list that I tried today: one tiny meatball (with GF breadcrumbs) lemony hummus spicy roasted pepper hummus one, maybe two tiny potato latkes spiced yogurt (with honey) I think that’s it. Unfortunately luckily, every singe bacon wrapped date stuffed with almonds came out absolutely perfect. There wasn’t a single one that begged to be eaten to be saved the embarrassment of being undone or imperfect. This has never happened in the history of me making bacon wrapped dates, and I’ve made them a gazillion times. Maybe two gazillion. Always, always, always, at least one unrolls, or the date pops out the side, or the bacon cooks funny on top and doesn’t deserve to be on a serving tray with it’s friends. Obviously, I have to eat those. This is the first time. EVER. Interesting, no? So the sugar detox powers that be are looking out for me. Day 6 Breakfast We had pancakes for breakfast, and they weren’t a cheat. I omitted the honey from the recipe, and upped the vanilla a bit and added cinnamon. They were delicious. I’m not gonna lie, I really wanted to douse those suckers with maple syrup. But I opted for grass fed butter and cinnamon. Lunch I didn’t really eat lunch, unless you count all of the snacking I did while sampling my cooking. It doesn’t really matter, because Simon’s lunch was too awesome to compete with anyway. Yup. He made a sandwich with pancakes. Roast chicken, guacamole, greens & mayo Dinner I made some boneless leg of lamb a few days ago, and completely forgot about it until today! I honestly don’t have a clue what day I made it; it was that kind of week. I do know that it was really simple to make, and came out delicious. I recorded the recipe, but obviously haven’t posted it yet… I will do so asap. I even roasted too much cauliflower earlier when I was prepping it for soup, so we had a lovely veggie dish ready to go. I love love love when dinner is already made at the end of a long day. I’ll be catering an event until late tomorrow night, so I probably won’t be posting anything, but will combine days 7 and 8 on Monday! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! All of the links on are for information purposes, however some are affiliate links to books, products or services. Any sponsored posts are clearly labelled as being sponsored content. Some ads on this site are served by ad networks and the advertised products are not necessarily recommended by Zenbelly...

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